We are Zofya Store! We sell various dog accessories. Our collection has been compiled with care, in order to provide your dog with the best quality. We have chosen products with as many natural ingredients as possible, including our gemstone bands for dogs and bracelets for you.

We came up with this idea because we think it’s important that your dog can live happily, healthy and in harmony with you. People and animals can be sometimes out of balance, and this creates an interaction that can cause both humans and animals to develop various problems. These problems can show themselves in behavior, this can be mental, but there can also be physical complaints.

Dogs are very dependent on their owners because they are the closest to them. This makes good interaction between you and the dog. When something goes wrong in their relationship, the dog often mirrors the problems that exist. When treating the dog, it is therefore necessary that you are involved in this in order to look closely at the mutual interaction.

A very natural product, can offer a nice support during and after this process with Shakira Consulting. This is the use of precious stones, also called natural stones. The gemstone is in fact a supplement to promote positive energy. The stone dominates the negative field, which reduces the symptoms. We therefore offer gems for both the dog and you.

Became curious? View the offer on our website http://www.zofyastore.com

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