How to understand perception

What does perception mean? Is it something you can apply or is it something you already use every day? Perception can be a complicated concept if you do not understand it, but it is a definition that you can learn to understand. Would you like to know what it means to you? I’ll give you an explanation.

What is perception?

Everything is perception, how you think, how you look, the way you perceive things around you. The meaning of perception is the way you see things and react to them. It does not only mean what you perceive at the moment. It means how you perceive everything in your life up to the present moment.

Experiences and perceptions

The concept of perception goes back a long way, everything you have experienced in life has shaped your current perception. You do not look at the world with your eyes, you look at the world with the perceived information through your eyes. That gives you a completely different view, and it changes the whole understanding and, the concept of perception.

I will give you an example

Scenario Metro has a delay:

There are two people standing on the platform and the metro is delayed. Person A responds with a full understanding of the situation. Person B reacts with enormous frustration. You can think of thousands of reasons why person A & B react differently. The point is that the experiences they had in life have shaped their perceptions.

How person A fully understands this has to do with all the previous situations that have shaped his vision and caused his response to be so patiently. This has nothing to do with opinions, it has to do with experiences that have shaped your perception and determined the reaction. It’s all about understanding this concept because it shapes you.

You can change perception

You can change perceptions if you really want to. It is possible to shape your perception into a positive one if you notice that your current perception is negative. It is not something you just switch but is achievable if you want to achieve positive effects in your life.

Perception plays a huge role in making decisions in your life. As I just indicated, the way you look at life influences why you make a different kind of choice or not. As an example:  If you are used to exercising every morning, because it is important to you, you will not light a cigarette in the morning when you wake up. Lighting a cigarette in the morning is different for you, then for someone who is used to exercise every morning.

But what is it that you decide to choose? What makes you influenced to do it or not? The answer is it depends on several factors. I will give a few examples

  • Education: The norms and values you have been thought certainly play a role. That determines the way you think and how you think.
  • Friendships: Your friends influence your perception and the addition of theirs influence yours.
  • Experiences: Did you or did you not go through traumatic experiences as a child? This also plays a role

There are several factors that shapes your entire perception.

Positive changes are possible

You have a perception of every subject. Sometimes you are aware and sometimes you are not. It is always good to check if you are positive about a topic, it tells you if you have been righteous or not. This is how you weigh in if you have been righteous in your observations. Justice ensures you that you are in balance in your perceptions

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