How to soothe the pain of a heartbreak?

Did you just get out of a relationship? Are you looking for ways to ease your heartbreak? Then you have come at the right place on this page. Love sickness is a term that almost everyone knows. Yet this feeling is expressed differently by everyone. The term says it all you are saddened by love. While love can be very beautiful and yet you still may ask yourself ho wit can hurt that much. Do you want to know how to soothe heartbreak? Then read on quickly!

Why does love sickness hurt so much?

Love sickness hurts because there are several factors from within that can cause the feeling. I will mention a few examples:

  • Fear to be alone
  • Fear that the person you love will become happy with someone else.
  • It has a negative effect on your self-esteem and self-image.
  • The thoughts that you are not good enough.

There are many others factors that can cause love sickness. Each factor also influences the degree in which you experience the pain.

Why doesn’t your partner want to continue with you?

This is a question that I am often asked as a consultant. The answer never consists of one answer but usually of several parts. This has also to do with various factors and below I will mention a few:

  • Unresolved trauma
  • Unresolved sadness
  • Lack of communication
  • No sense of love

Every situation is different and the factors that play a role are also different for each situation. It is wise to find out the exact cause of your personal situation, so that you can also get clarification for yourself. Clarification of your situation is extremely important, and it ensures that you will be able to make better decisions.

In any case, it is feasible to find out what the exact cause is and why your partner reacts that way.

Acceptance of the current situation

Your situation is temporary and by that I mean to say that your personal situation is the result of pain that must be processed. I am not saying that your situation is over, because that is different for each person. If you can try to accept your situation for what it is, you will be able to make better decisions in your personal situation and that can make you much happier.

How to soothe love sickness

There are several ways to ease heartbreak, and one of the best solutions I can give you is to try to see the situation as it really should be seen, so that you can dissect the pain much better. Dissecting the situation often brings a lot of peace and of course it does not apply to all situations, but in most cases, it helps very well.

Tip: Writing your pain off on paper helps a lot!

Need advice to ease your heartbreak? Contact me!

I will help you answer all your heartbreak questions by detection exactly what the problem is. In addition, I analyze what caused your heartbreak and why the situation is still ongoing.

Together we will figure it out!


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