How can you control your thoughts

Your thoughts are running through your mind every moment of the day, your thought never stops running. Sometimes there are nice thoughts and sometimes there are negative thoughts.

Having thoughts is a fact

It is a fact that we all think every second of the day, we constantly think about anything and everything. What does this mean and how do you regain control of your own thoughts? I will explain it to you clear as possible. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to fully control your own thoughts. Thoughts are going through your head every moment, sometimes these are positive, sometimes these are neutral and sometimes these are negative thoughts.

Perceptions and thoughts linked together

Your thoughts are linked to your perception. Your perception is based on how you think, how you look, how you perceive all things around you. That is why your perception about one topic is always different from one to another. Although you can agree, there will always be some difference and that is completely normal. Your perception is your frame of reference and your thoughts are also measured against it.

The different forms of thoughts

You can go in many directions with your thoughts, you can visualize beautiful things, so that you can make your dream come true. It is a motivation to work on your dream and it drives you to implement it. In short, thinking about a good outcome ensures that you are driven to make this happen.

Your thoughts are also there to be able to think about situations, such a situation that have occurred or situations that you would like to resolve. Thoughts can be sometimes simple and neutral, there is no further emotional charge associated with them.

Thoughts can also be negative such as mean, jealous, anger, and hateful thoughts etdc. These negative thoughts can also lead to extreme situations, especially if you allow it and when you have no further control over your own thoughts.

How can you make your thoughts work in your favor?

What are the things you can do when you feel like you are drowning in your own thoughts?

  1. Try to understand that all your thoughts are trying to fly in all directions. When you consciously understand this, you also understand that its important to learn how to control your own thoughts.
  2. When a thought comes up that you consciously feel, try to stop it first to understand the purpose of this thought. Is this thought trying to make you feel good or just feel negative? Is it trying to fool you or just to make you restless?
  3. Once you have analyzed what kind of thought it is (whether it is a positive or a negative thought), you can choose to empower it. You can choose to accept these thoughts and allow it into your system.
  4. At this point you can think and decide if you would like to expand this thought, will this thought help you to make your dream come true? Or are you going to choose to hold back this thought by not accepting it? When you feel that it is a negative thought you can choose to eliminate these thoughts.

At first it seems very difficult and tricky, but it is a matter of being aware and getting used to it. You will also not have mastered this after the first time, this will take time. Take your time and at least give it a try, it is worth trying.


Thought exists to move us forward; we have the choice to direct our thoughts. It is up to us to decide which direction to take. Unfortunately, we are not able to analyze every thought, but as you teach yourself to have more and more control over your thoughts, you will get better at it.

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