How to reduce negative situations?

Everyone knows it, the negative situation in life that you want to get rid of! Sometimes you are so deep in a situation that you do not know how you got in there. I will talk more about this in broad terms.

Everyone has negative situations.

A negative situation means an undesirable situation in your life.  A negative situation can mean to have a heartbreak or to have an unreliable partner. In short, we all experience negative situations in life.

We cannot always prevent unpleasant situations because this will always be a part of life. But how can you reduce the feeling of unwanted situations? Can you reduce them? How do you deal with it?

Understand the situation.

When you are in an unpleasant situation, so many factors can be the cause. Often you want to understand why this situation has arisen.

You never suddenly end up in an unwanted situation, there has always been a reason for this situation you are in. Sometimes you do not longer remember what has triggered your situation. Sometimes you are not aware of every moment that has happened.

What is important is that you do your best to understand why this situation has arises. This will allow you to understand better how to tackle this situation to resolve it effectively as possible.


Step 1: The approach

There are different methods in which you can solve situations, but that depends on the situation you are in. There is always a common thread and that applies to every situation. You always communicate well with yourself, and you do that by putting everything together. You write down where you are now and where you ultimately want to be.  

You organize it as clearly as possible, so you can fall back on these steps. Sometimes it takes a while to organize these points, but it become clearer for you. It is feasible to improve your situation and it is worth doing.


Step 2: Implementation

You probably think how am I going to handle this? How do I put into practice what I have put on paper? The common thread is always present, but sometimes it takes a while to see it.

When you see it, you will find a way to change this situation. Once you have listed and ordered all the steps, you will go through everything again.  To put the situation into practice, it is important that you are orderly.

Changing a situation does not necessarily mean that you must argue, break contacts or to change situations. Changing a situation starts from within yourself, whether you are the person who caused the situation or not. Changing a situation means you can change the situation to bend it to the positive way.

Is it a toxic person that you can distance yourself from? Or is it an addiction like an eating habit that only you can change?

The situation does determine the degree in which you are to decide whether it is easy or not.  Your personality and vision also play a role in situations and people letting go.

I will give an example:

You have been addicted for a long time. You know deep down that it is bad for you, but you just cannot stop. What are you going to do?

  1. You are honest with yourself, and you wonder what caused you to develop this addiction.
  2. You are going to sort everything out for yourself, what your desired situation should be.
  3. The implementation does not always necessarily have to be difficult, nor does it necessarily have to be easy. But you make a start because the start will eventually bring you to your desired result. This will not go smoothly either, one time you succeed, and the other time you fall back. That is part of the process. Remember that how difficult it can be at times will be worth it in the end and achievable


There are always negative situations, and we cannot ignore them. But at all times, there will always be ways in which you can reduce negative situations. If you need help or advice Shakira Consulting is happy to help you

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