Sometimes you go through life with the feeling that everything is moving too fast.  Sometimes you think you have missed moments in life when you could have done it differently. What makes you feel that way, and what makes you feel restless about it afterward?

What makes time precious?

Time is very precious. That is what we all know, but unfortunately, we do not always act on it with our actions. Time is always ticking; you cannot stop it, and you cannot turn it back. Yet we humans always manage to waste time on things that do us no good. Time is what you can no longer recover after decisions you have made or taken consciously or unconsciously.

On the other hand, time can work to your advantage and be used very well by consciously dealing with it. You can make good choices, learn from previous ones, create new circumstances that are positive. Time offers many opportunities to do it very well.

The moment of now

Everyone knows that you have moments when something needs to be done quickly. Moments when you feel bad because the situation you are in will never end. You want everything to go fast, and it is all too slow.

When you become more aware that every moment contributes to what you build, you will deal with time very differently. You become aware that time is not something you can waste on things that will get nowhere. Time brings opportunities that you can create positive things and that your circumstances become more positive.

Often people are impatient when it comes to time, time does not go fast enough, and it all goes too long. Because you are in a hurry, you miss out on opportunities because you are too focused on situations, things that are not relevant than the moment you are in.

When you learn and try to be aware of the moment you are in now, you will see plenty of options that you did not see before. That is because when you consciously think about it, you will also look at circumstances differently. You recognize and what to use it.

The awareness of being in the moment of now is important so that no matter what goals you have, you can work to achieve them successfully.

How can you make better use of moments?

  1. When you feel rushed at the moment, try to focus on your thoughts on what you are doing right now.
  2. When you catch yourself that your thoughts wander try to push them back to the moment you are in so in the now.
  3. Always try to make yourself aware that you can control your thoughts.
  4. When you understand that you are in control of your thoughts, you can transform them into the now and use your time positively into something productive.

Every moment counts

Every moment counts and every moment is a start you can make towards a new part of your life. It is important that you take advantage of these moments. You deserve to become the best version of yourself. When you see that this is the key to using every moment, you will deal much better with it.


As for advice, I would like to give, try to use every moment you have into something productive. Just try to be in the now and try not to rush. It is more beneficial to be right at the moment and to see the opportunities grow you. Positivity really is the key to better conditions. If you still run into certain situations, and you cannot resolve them? Shakira Consulting is always ready to help you.


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