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Do you have personal parts you would like to develop or would you like to change your personal situation? Shakira coaches you into the right direction. Shakira will discuss all the options and possibilities to help you to become the person you would like to become.


Do you have questions about relationship such as marriage, family issues, friendly relationships, etc? Would you like to understand your situation and do you like to know how to improve your situation? Shakira coaches you to gain insights into your own situation.


Do you have questions that are related with energy, religion, spirituality or you would like to know the meaning of your dream? Shakira can help you through this.  


If you want to achieve specific goals and you would like to know how to achieve them? Shakira will help you to move from your current situation to your desired situation


There are several situations that you may encounter on a business and financial level. Shakira helps to analyze the situation, find the cause and guide you through your process of improvement.

Shakira Consulting help you to be successful trough personalized coaching!

Almost everyone gets to the point in life where you want to approach situations differently. You want to achieve new goals or establish a new foundation. Many people often don’t know how to navigate in to the right direction. Shakira Consulting can help you in this process to help you sail in to the right direction!

What is Intuitive Consulting

Intuitive Consulting

Intuitive Consulting is analyzing of situations through a strong intuition. Your situation will be analyzed in detail and the cause of your situation becomes clear. 

What does it mean to you?

Sometimes it is difficult to find out why you got stuck in a situation and what has caused it. Shakira helps to analyze the situation and to provide insights.

How do I know if intuitive consulting suits me?

Intuitive consulting is for anyone who faces certain points in life. It is important to indicate during the conversation, what you expect and what you would like to develop. It is not always easy to articulate parts of your situation because often the cause of your problems are hidden. During a good conversation it will clarify the situation and allow you to decide, if it suits your needs well. 

Intuitive Consulting

The underlying obstacles of your situation will be analyzed in detail through intuitive consulting.

What can i expect?

You can expect that the cause of your situation becomes clear.

What does it help me with?

It will help you to gain clarity in your situation and it helps you to overcome obstacles and improve situations. 

Where can Shakira help you with?

Shakira can help you to understand your situation better, so you can gain insights to develop better.

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