How can you strengthen your self-esteem?

The definition of self-esteem

The term self-esteem means how your own image has been formed on an emotional level and how you view it. The way you view yourself and think about yourself and what feelings arise as a result? How can you boost your self-esteem? How do you make sure that you feel even better than you might already be? The answer does not consist of one short answer, but of several options. Are you curious about these options? Read further!

Your self-esteem and your own observations

When your perception of yourself is somewhat less, you are not always able to positively order your thoughts about yourself. How you think about yourself influences the way you perceive yourself and your environment. You look at the world through your own eyes with the information and beliefs in your brain. Your beliefs determine how you think about and view yourself. It sounds easier theoretically than if you put it in practice and there are several reasons why it is easier.

How can you give your self-esteem a good and healthy boost?

Giving your self-esteem a healthy boost can be done in several ways, but these are not always corrected. The correct way can consist of several parts.

I have selected the best ways for you:

  • The first and the most important point is to understand the term self-esteem, so that you also know what you need to change or to improve. This sounds simple, but it’s not, because you cannot correct something about yourself if you do not know exactly what to improve. For example: Self esteem has nothing to do with wearing a particular brand of jeans. The term self-esteem literally means how your own image has been formed on an emotional level and how this image influences the way you perceive things.
  • Write down what you want to change and improve about yourself. Your beliefs are the cause of how your self-esteem about yourself is formed. It is important to organize the points, so that you know what you want to improve or change about yourself. This is necessary to become aware of exactly what information and knowledge you lack to work on this piece.
  • Gaining knowledge by reading the right books. Reading the right books is always a good addition to strengthen your knowledge. When you strengthen your knowledge, you can change your beliefs better. You have the right information that will help you to understand yourself better. It is always a nice bonus to add extra information to your existing knowledge.
  • Repeat your goal daily. Write every day what image you would like to have about yourself and repeat it. Repetition is a very important part.

How can Shakira Consulting help you further?

It is worth it to give your self-esteem a healthy boost. There is only one of you, and you must know that you deserve to be the best version of yourself. Do you have the feeling that you cannot get it right? Would you like more insights and some more improvement?

Shakira Consulting is ready to help you further!

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